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Sherry Jennings and Kali
Sherry S. Jennings, PhD and Kali

The role of a BOARD OF DIRECTORS is to govern. The Oxford American English Dictionary defines governance as the process of “control with authority.” Since most boards depend on staff to implement their strategic goals, boards need to effectively delegate authority without losing control. Appropriate controls and monitoring for compliance reassure the board that their work is getting done the way they want it done.

SOUND GOVERNANCE works with boards in public, voluntary and private sectors around the world to achieve a complete and coherent operating system. SOUND GOVERNANCE is focused on effective board governance, especially helping governing boards lead through controlling the big picture with long-term, value-driven strategies. Since all boards are ultimately accountable for organizational accomplishment, SOUND GOVERNANCE helps boards establish criteria for evaluating performance and monitoring through credible operational performance measures.

SHERRY S. JENNINGS, PhD, is founder and principal of Sound Governance. She is an experienced practitioner – directing, developing and implementing marketing strategies, member and public relations programs, monitoring, evaluation and government relations efforts with trade associations and organizations – for over 20 years.

She has published a number of articles on governance principles, including a series for American Society of Association Executives and the Washington Society of Association Executives. Sherry is an adjunct professor at South Puget Sound Community College Nonprofit Leadership Institute teaching Governance and Board Development. Along with her PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, she holds a BSM with a focus in Human Services Management, an MSc in Psychology, and an MSc in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.


Look for the e-book Sherry co-authored with Robert J. Ballantyne, The Worthy Organization (Twitter hashtag: #worthyorg). The book describes techniques for organizing any association, club, society, or project that people and their friends want to establish or revitalize. You may also find the publisher’s philosophy almost as interesting as the book. We offer 100% refund within 45 days if a buyer is not satisfied with the purchase. The entire book is available to be perused online.