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I need someone to organize my virtual social life

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, groups, followers, followings, likes/dislikes….AAAGGGGHHH! I can’t keep track. Oh yeah, and there’s YouTube and all the other media content sites like LiveStream. One needs a social network data assistant to stay on top of it all. Why, oh why, isn’t there one solution to make them all connect with each other? For example, I’d like to go to LinkedIn (my preferred site for fascinating dialog and connections with other professionals), enter one post, and have a pop-up box ask me to check all the other social networking sites I want to have that post referenced in. I’ve learned a few of them do work together, but it’s not a system.

Here’s what I mean:

Say I post something brilliant in the Boards and Advisors group on LinkedIn. I would like some of the other groups I’m in to see it too. Couldn’t there just be a way for an app to pop up with a message like this:

“Sherry just posted something you should see here: [insert appropriate link]”

Obviously, I would want to select (check all that apply?) which groups or sites (e.g., EIGA group on LinkedIn, FB, Twitter, Google Plus) are appropriate. The African Grey group on FB probably doesn’t care about the lastest trends in corporate governance. Also, I’d want to select which social networking site. I pretty much keep my personal and volunteer social networking (FB) and business networking (all others) separate.

And then, as long as I’m wishing, I would have a summary of all my activity tracked by this app solution. Maybe LinkedIn Premium does some of this but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t act as my personal virtual life organizer for everything I do online…

Thoughts? Solutions?

Diary Doodles of a Distracted Blogger

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Decided that diary is the wrong word. Even though I’m chronicling my foibles and attempts at online networking, the day of the post doesn’t imply any real order. The day of posting only illustrates what oozed to the top of my brain. The Free Dictionary defines doodle as scribbling absentmindedly. Verbal doodles are more appropriate to describe my blogging.

Prior to exploring (lurking) on various discussion boards at the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), I actually started posting some responses. A recent one discussed the appropriate/inappropriate use of social media for screening potential employees. Because I love taking the opposite view, I posited a different scenario and asked:

…finding the right fit in any recruiting and hiring situation is a two-way street. As the economy improves (albeit slowly there are signs), key employees who have the skills, experience, and knowledge that make the organization hum may choose to leave.

Potential applicants to your organization, too, can explore multiple job opportunities without personally speaking to anyone in your organization. What if a really good potential applicant decided to explore your organization’s website and social media before applying? How comfortable is it when the shoe is on the other foot?

Not only that, but it seems prudent for prospective employers to mind their Ps and Qs when using social media. Michael Wyland said:

My partner is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and a certified senior professional in human resources (SPHR). I asked her about this issue, and she was adamant that, based on her training (including recent training), that those involved in hiring should avoid social media searches. Her opinion is that this is one of many areas of the law where the law has not kept up with technology access and capabilities.

One reason for avoiding social media searches, as has been mentioned elsewhere in this thread, is that such searches allow prospective employers to access information legally prohibited from being considered in hiring decisions. If it can be proven that a social media search was conducted, it becomes more difficult for the prospective employer to protect themselves from a hiring discrimination suit brought by an unsuccessful applicant.

The “safety valve” some employers use is to employ third-party recruiting firms to screen applicants. Some employers use temp-to-hire arrangements to allow them to see a person not *their* employee and learn all about them before making a formal hiring decision. Most of the laws and regulations protecting employment applicants envision the employer doing the hiring directly; they rarely address the actions of third parties in the hiring process.

I went to Michael’s bio and profile on ASAE to let him know about this post and realized…aaagghhh! I don’t have any Twitter or LinkedIn widgets anywhere on my own stuff! Well, maybe tomorrow.

Diary of a distracted blogger

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

The first thing you’ll note about my blogroll is that until this post, my home page is like Grandma’s attic: full of stuff from long ago…

With so many social media opportunities, I’m the epitome of a kid in a candy store with a quarter in my pocket. So many choices, but which is the best one? Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, MyLife. Oh yeah. And Facebook. Each offers a different flavor and connection sensation. Distractions abound.

My next few blog posts (who knows how many I’ll actually do?) will be dedicated to my exploration of the social networking candy store. Most readers are going to be far more savvy than I am and they will get a chuckle. Some people might gain a new idea or two. I invite your responses for the good of all.

Mostly, it just needs to be fun or it’s not worth doing!!

Oh, and check me out here: Sherry’s picture to End Polio Now. Couldn’t resist being part of the world’s largest commercial. Why am I pictured in front of a partially open door? Because polio still has it’s foot in it and we need to slam the door shut — NOW!

See what I mean? I’m like Dana Carvey’s portrayal of George Bush speaking about a dire national issue and in the middle saying, “Oh! Look at the kitty!”

Twittering?…follow this!

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Terrance Barkan asks:
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